Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just a Playlist For Your Weekend xx♡

Dammit ~ Blink 182

Looking Up ~ Paramore

Strangers ~ Secondhand Serenade

I Don't Care ~ Fall Out Boy

Nine In The Afternoon ~ Panic! At The Disco

Helena ~ My Chemical Romance

No Heroes Allowed ~ Mayday Parade

Dr Doctor ~ Ghost Town

What This Means To Me ~ I See Stars

Sugar, We're Going Down ~ Fall Out Boy

Summer ~ Calvin Harris

Coffee-Shop Soundtrack ~ All Time Low

Dear Insanity ~ Asking Alexandria

Carnival ~ Ghost Town


Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Update #3

My week was really uneventful, so this shouldn't be very long. Whenever I get a new laptop (mine died on me -_-) it will be easier for me to do more and release better content. It is hard to do this on mobile, and extremely difficult to edit. But it will have to suffice for now.

And so today is Monday and I am uploading this today and not yesterday because one) I was tired and forgot. And two) I had to get off my phone for the night earlier. Thus resulting in a day late update.

Anyways, Monday was obviously Labor Day. We didn't do much because my mom had to work and we made no plans with other family members. So, my dad just bought some clams and I read Looking For Alaska and its entirety. I should not have been surprised at what happened - this is John Green we're talking about- but i don't know. I guess with the whole countdown thing and what happened just left me with oh. And feels. A ton of feels.i think Paper Towns kinda through me off since nothing very tragic happens. So now I am reading Dracula. The book was published in tbe late 1800's so the writing is very sophisticated,  one that I admire. But unfortunately, we were raised a dumbed down generation and is very different then the easier read writing now. I am not complaining about either writing styles, I'm just saying I read slower at Dracula so I can understand it more than being able to fly through it. Capeche?

Tuesday Beautiful Creatures came on HBO. Beautiful Creatures was one of those situations where I read the book before I saw the movie (that is the best way) but never heard of it until the movie. The book was great, the movie not so much. I still enjoy both the book and the movie, but honestly the movie is not a good representation of the book. I find that the way they made the movie adaptation look cheesier then how it is portrayed in the book. They honestly could make the scenes look cool and not cheesy. Trust me, it's possible. I was really excited because there has been crap on tv lately and finally my time has come.

One of the trees across the parking lot in front of our room leaves are already starting to change color! I am so excited for Fall!  I can not even fathom it. Apperently, the color wave or whatever, is going to hit us soon so colorful leaves everywhere!
I was also to get a winter coat, because I am going to need it. I went looking about two weeks ago and didn't find any I liked, but I came across one that I did really like so I am happy.

I have a bunch of ideas for blog posts to make so a variety of more interesting posts will be coming out so we won't be stuck with update after update, but more interesting things in the mix.

Yesterday (Sunday) my family and I grabbed some sandwiches at a local shop and went to this lake/river/creek spot that I adore for lunch. Let me just say personal happy places exist and this place is mine.  It was beautiful, as always, and the weather was gorgeous. I took some awesome shots of the water where I sat on the ledge. Unfortunately,  I couldn't go down to the rocks because there was a birthday party currently being held over there and no. It was not going to happen.

After our lunch, and all those kids ran over toward our area like a wave of hell rolling over like a demonic storm (I don't like children), we left and went to the mountains. Here, we hiked to a said abandoned village. The directions confused us so we took an unexpected detour through the woods. But it was still nice. The abandoned village is dated back to the 1700, and some of it is being renovated.  It's old and cool and I found a caterpillar, but Converse are not good hiking shoes.

Thanks to Facebook,  I saw that all my friends and youth group back home went to Rock The Universe this past weekend. It made me kinda sad. I've been wanting to go since I first heard about, and I was blessed with the opportunity to go a few years ago when my former best friend invited me to go with her church. Ever since then,  I wanted to go with my own youth group, where I knew everyone. I would have had that chance this year, but I moved. I miss it sometimes;  my friends and the church. But I have a chance here, an opportunity to be so happy. The situation I am in right now is pretty sucky, but I already have a happiness, one my previous location could never give me. I am suppose to be here. This is where I belong,  and I believe that with everything I got. I am just so eager to get the rest of my life started and build happiness in every other sections of my life.

I'm thinking of starting to film clips soon for videos. For a while, especially since I moved, I wanted to partake in the Document Your Life project. I would have already started it but I have no computer to edit. Since this is my first fall up here in over 10 years, why not gather clips anyways.

That's my previous week for you guys. Until next time, later!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September To Be Read

Today I bring my September To Be Read's! As I have explained before, I acquired some books this past week so now I'm happily set for September reading! An August Wrap Up is not posted because it's none existant. Except for some Fanfiction here and there. That's about it. I know, it's pretty sad.

Anyways, my TBR for Septemeber!

  • Looking For Alaska by John Green. CHEATING I already finished it.

  •  Dracula by Bram Stoker. This would be an ideal read for October, but I read horror/supernatural all throughout the year so it's not a big deal. With two contemporarys already being purchased, a supernatural-slash-horrorish book was needed or else I would turn into a mess of fluff. This will also kick off my desire to read more classics. So far things are starting off good.

  • Tigers Quest by Colleen Houck.  This is the second book in the Tigers Curse series, a series I started reading three years ago and just now continueing. To be honest, I would still be putting this series off for another three years if the book wasn't a dollar. This may be sketchy and freak you out as to why It's taking me forever to finish this series. Tigers Curse was good, really good. But other and better books, like Divergent & The Hunger Games, have captivated my attention. I have been really lazy with the series so I am excited to finally continue on with it.

  • Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. This is a reread for me actually. I read this book two years ago and fell in love. It is my favorite Sarah Dessen novel along with Along For The Ride. Not gonna lie, I'm excited to read this again. I highly recommend it.

  • Spirit Bound by Richelle Meade. This is the fifth book in the Vampire Academy series. The other night I was lying in bed thinking about books, as I often do. This time it was what events took place in which VA book and I got into a stump on whether there were indeed six books or seven, because so much has happened between book four and the last one. But nope, only six books. So much happens in Spirit Bound it's insane and amazing. If you havent or are having trouble getting through the VA series, keeping pushing because it is so worth it.

I have some reading in my future and I couldn't be any happier. Hooray for reading!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Update #2

Hello! Tis is I back again with another weekly update because,  well, like I said, it's weekly. Unfortunately,  this time I do not have coffee with me. But I have some cold Arizona green tea and tapioca I brought home with me from the diner I had dinner at. So lets begin, shall we?

Monday we switched hotels for reasons and I got better wifi! Yay! And we also went and did some layaway for fall/winter aka warm clothes because even though it's mild for this time of year, it's not cold enough for those kind of clothes. That was fun.  Kinda. But nothing really productive happened after that.

Until Thursday.

Thursday was my birthday and we planned for me to go shopping that day. So after sleeping for five solid hours straight,  having a crappy three hours of sleep after, we grabbed some coffee from 711 and headed off. We went into the downtown of this town that both sides of the street are lined all the way down, each branch of road filled also with resturants and shops. Ever since we first drove down those streets, my mom and I alwayd said we would one day go shopping down them. And so we did. I got a baragain at Claires because of a killer BTS sale they were having. Plus, they had some of their Halloween stuff out which is a big bonus. I finally bought a flower crown, because they had them with black flowers. I got a bunch of other stuff then went to the towns bookstore there. It was quiaint and fantastic and I loved it. There I got Looking For Alaska by John Green. This is my third John Green book I've read and second I own. I also got Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. This is a re-read, but it's my favorite Sarah Dessen book next to Along For The Ride. I made a post yesterday about 17 things I want to do more of this year. Until yesterday,  I never told anyone, or gave any indication of interest, to any of them. But on Tuesday my mom plopped down next to me and told me to pull up my grades required reading list. Long story short, mom wants me to also read more classics. With two contemporarys in my hand, I grabbed Dracula before plucking a rabbit bookmark from the display stand, checking out, and leaving.

Next stop was Hot Topic where my whole purchase was heavenly. My two most prized items I purchased are my Pierce The Veil pullover, which feels so cozy and amazing and I am dying for the fall time. And the second is the All Time Low beanie I squealed when I saw. While browsing and shopping around the store, one of my favorite bands of all time, Ghost Town, started playing. The deal with Ghost Town is that they are an up and coming band, but I was also very very blessed to be a fan from the very beginning. Not to brag, but I am not lying at this.  They are my babies and seeing their shirts displaced and their song played throughout the store, I wanted to cry from joy. I seriously started fangirling in the store. Sigh.

 I went to a few more places after that, butmI'm not going into a haul detail. Back at the room,  I dolled myself up in my new stuff and went out to dinner where I was sung happy birthday and had two cups of coffee. Very happy.

By who wished me happy birthday,  my expectations were met and I know who my real friends are.mI'm very happy who they are, and even though I kinda knew already, to be confirmed makes me feel good though. I feel happier with the outcome even though from others eyes it might not look so thrilling. But I'm happy.

So I spent the weekend conjuring outfits with my new stuff and I am so happy. I love how everything looks and I have retained a wave of fantastic confidence and happiness I am determined to hold on and keep.

Last night was a late night and when my parneys came back from the grocery store with dinner,  they also got Pumpkin Spice Donuts, which were devine. I am so excited for Fall, you do not understand. Halloween is my time to shop.  And everything about the autumn time is just plain damn exciting. I'm so ready to wear black nail polish again and dark makeup. And eyeliner. So. Much. Eyeliner.

Tonight we stopped at the dollar store. I was browsing the aisles looking for a journal to use to create the quote journal I've been enticipating to make. With fruitless results, I went down the aisle that contianed the books. These books were mostly-which I by mean all- are boring adult books I have no interest in reading. But I check anyways. This time,  right there, my heart leapt when I saw it, was Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead, the fifth book in the Vampire Academy series. I only own the first three of the series from the box set I purchased the day I left the state. I had to get it because it was only a dollar. At the end of an aisle a few down held some more books, where I found Tigers Quest by Colleen Houck, the second book in the Tigers Curse series. I had read Tigers Curse about three years ago. I have forgotton my exact thoughts and feelings on it, but I remember not hating it, and I think I liked it. With so many other interesting books coming out constantly and my ever growing TBR list, along with each series I am captivated in, finishing the series keeps being pushed back, for no real reason in particular.  I've been wanting to finish the series since the last book is out and a movie is apparently to be made???

Anyway, I got both books for a dollar. But you don't really see.These are full hardback copies. Brand new hardback copies. They are amazing.

I have a lot of reading in my future. Hell yeah.

Oh and did I mention for my birthday my brother gave me new headphones (YAY) and a pack of 40 glow sticks? Best brother ever.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

17 Things To Do More Of

When we look at each day that has passed it usually comes out looking like we've done nothing, especially when we spend this day catching up on the things we didn't do the previous day. But when you take away looking at the past month or week and go to the wide range of a year, well, that's a new perspective. Commonly when we look at what we've done in the past year, we start at the very beginning of the new year, being January 1st, while we are not finished with this current year.

Flashing back as usual to the first of January until now, I had a pretty crazy year. Most days and weeks, and recently a few months, are filled with empty voids of empty space, but in a whole, a lot has happened, and the year still isnt over. But I've come to open my eyes to a new time frame, which is exactly an entire year, is looking from birthday to birthday. All that you've done being this age. When I do that, holy crap. Maybe I'm not wasting away my life after all.

This past year -aka my entire time being 16- a lot has happened. It has been crazy and I learned and experienced alot. So far 2014 has been great productive wise up until the summer where progress has slowed. But I had achieved so much during an age than nine months. Looking at it this way is a fresh breath and a boost of encouragement.

I'll save weight lost goals and other major life transformation projects for New Year Resolutions and tag my progress in a normally used years time. These goals being worked on in a range of two different ages. But I wanted to do things solely in an ages time, not a 2000 whatever track.

Since this is already way too long than expected,  I'm going to finally get to the point. I conducted a list of 17 things I wanted to do more of while I was 17. Since my year of being 16 was packed with awesomeness, It inspired me to live more this year. So I will take what being my previous age has taught me and apply it to my life at a new age and see how it works out. All in all, here is my list of 17 things I want to do more of while I'm 17.

1) Drink more tea

2) Draw more

3) Meditate more

4) Read more classics

5) Take more walks

6) Take pictures more

7) Go bare (or naked) with makeup more

8) Write poetry more

9) Give more compliments

10) Smile more

11) Do my nails more often

12) Do more self-pamper nights

13) Bake more

14) Go on adventures more often

15) Create more

16) Be more positive/ love myself more

17) Live more

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Update #1

Its no doubt I've had trouble with blogging; how many times have I deleted and reposted just to be deleted again? But then again I'm determined to keep going, no matter how many times I fail. One of the main factors in my blogging troubles is the theme; what exactly do I want my blog to be about? Even though now I have a general idea, Ive decided to just post anything I want.  Its my blog anyways, why should I limit myself to just one subject?

Just to get myself going while I'm in the lack of material,  I'm doing a segment I started on another blog last year on a different site. It worked well for a while until I shortly lacked motivation to continue. This segment will be weekly life updates where I just post  interesting things that happened in my week. This comes in good use when NaNoWriMo comes back around. As my life picks back up and more interesting things will be arriving. I'm not promising posts of this segment will be updated every week; my life is pretty boring otherwise so why should I waste my time and bore you?

So, while I sit here drinking a cup of coffee I just picked up from the mini mart, I shall tell you useless things that have sparked my interest this past week. P.S. the wifi at this hotel room kinda sucks.

in no way are these events in order, so just bare with me.

Its a no brainer I'm in love with music, its not. People on occasion, my parents being the main of these people, get frustrated with me because I always have my headphones plugged into my ears. Its not just music- even 90% of the time it is- but also the videos posted on Youtube that captivate my attention and drag me into obsession. To keep this short, on Friday one of my headphones felt short of working unless it was kept at a ridiculous twist of wires that cramped my fingers. A hassle nothing less, but not to worry because the issue as been fixed and addressed by my cat, making the case worse and chewing said headphones off. Unfortunately,  her face is too cute to be mad at.

*coffee sip*

This past weekend I became reconnected after the summer and my sudden move out of state with one of my close friends. It was just lack of contact which happens when summer approaches with camp and vacations and groundings. It was just nice to talk to her so that makes me happy.

yesterday I went book hunting in Target because I'm bored and in reading withdrawal. Unfortunately,  none came appealing to me to buy, but rather preferred to borrow at the library on the chance I might not like it or yada yada. I grabbed one because the thought of saving my money did not spring to my mind. Needless to say, I did not get the book, but put it back when something more appealing grabbed ny attention. Now i am happy to own my Four Divergent journal. Yup, feeling like a badass. Books will always be there, but that journal may not.

I also made a big mistake earlier in the week to download Candy Crush Saga. I was bored and heard a lot of hype about it so I buckled and downloaded it. Worst. Mistake. Ever. It's a sick addiction and you can't stop and have no choice but to count down the time until you get your first life back. Head my warning if you haven't played it yet and don't. Do. It. Even though I'm probably the last one to play it.

With this trend of app games, I also started playing Fruit Ninja, which isn't an obsession but something fun to play here and there to pass time as I wait for my lives to restock in Candy Crush.  Since the app creators took down Flappy Bird - which I've never played- I decided what the hell and downloaded one of its copies. Of course it was the Batman one. Maybe it's set up differently because its not an exact replica, but I don't know because Ive never played the original Flappy Bird, but Flappy Batman is only addicting in the way that I can listen to music and think. A subconscious,  easy play I should say.

*coffee sip*

Outside my lame life of technology,  as I've mentioned previously I moved out of state in the beginning of the summer back to my original roots. Its been ten years and now I'm back to my childhood home. Well, not my home exactly, but the area. Its nostalgia coated and filled with surreal texture. All my friends I used to play dolls with are older than me by many years and have moved out and scattered the northern region. While sitting at the park tonight I was thinking about one friend in particular who my mom had made contact with about getting together some time soon, that being talk of later that week which was about a month ago. Crazy to say we ran into that person in Walmart later on tonight. It was insane how much has changed in ten years. You have lived next to someone and see them almost everyday and then all of a sudden see them after ten years. Its surreal, but in a good way. I am really glad and happy to have ran into her.

It has been a long week and my mind is a jumble of thoughts so anything else that may have happened I cannot bring myself to remember. If anything resurfaces I will just include it in next weeks blog update on Sunday. Until next time, later!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

NaPoWriMo & CampNaNoWriMo

April's going to be a busy month with both NaPoWriMo and CampNaNo taking place. I, of course, have decided to partake in  both and plan on following through with both until the end.

I've officially enrolled to participate in NaPoWriMo through the Creative Writing Club I belong to. All I have to do is post thirty poems to the blog. I decided to participate in NaPo after re-finding myself after a very rough patch in my life. It's a challenge for me because to be honest, I suck at writing poetry. But like I said, it's a challenge for myself. Quantity, not quality. I'm excited overall for the experience.

What I'm super excited for is CampNaNoWriMo, also taking place in April. This past November was my first time participating in NaNoWriMo, and let me tell you, it was a challenge. Though I enjoyed it very much. I was able to get 50,000 words of a novel I had the idea for and wanted to write for a few years down, even though not able to finish it. I spent these last few months just going through and revising and editing what I had so I wont have a 300+ page novel to basic edit on. CampNaNo seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick up the novel again and therefore I will be writing more in my novel. I'm really excited to start writing it again because now things get interesting.

I only set my word count to 25,000, half of the NaNo count goal. I can only afford sacrificing my grades for 50,000 words one month a year, and I prefer November. Plus with NaPoWriMo on the side, it's just easier to have this word goal. I've talked to a few possible cabin mate candidates tonight and honestly I'm excited. I get to meet new people, and get to talk about our writing, encourage each other, while writing my novel. This is going to be great!

I'm honestly stoked right now. But with both NaPo and CampNaNo, add on schoolwork, extracurriculars, and maybe I don't have to worry too much about my social life, but it's going to be a busy time. But it's all for fun. Writing is my passion, and if some extra stress is what it takes to do what I love, then in my opinion it's worth it. Too bad readings probably going to take a hit. Nooooo!!!

April, I'm ready for you!